Thursday, 10 November 2016

The T Word

For a few years, since I became aware of and involved in the community, there was a word that self-harmers and people with other issues alike could use for a few things. It could describe how you felt if you were really struggling with urges, either because of something or just randomly. It could be placed at the beginning of a thread title in a forum so that people were warned about what they were about to open. It was a quick and easy way to explain and it was a fitting word.


Unfortunately that word, at least in my opinion, has now been ruined. It's hard to say it seriously. Somewhere along the way it was misunderstood and quickly snowballed. Perhaps it was misused, I've never seen that but it could be the case. Suddenly it's become a joke, a word used to poke fun at a bunch of people in one swoop.

It makes me angry. It was a legitimate term for people with PTSD, self-harmers, eating disorders, to name a few. Now it's a joke about people being easily offended, which funnily enough is pretty offensive compared to what it was intended to mean in the first place. I don't mind if people decide that means I'm a delicate little flower. I know those people are ignorant, they lack knowledge and critical thinking skills. They're with the same people who flatly say that all religion is bad just because they don't understand terrorism.

This isn't one of those times that we can reclaim a word, it's probably gone now. Sometimes stupid people do ruin things, sadly. So we need a new one, time to get thinking.

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