Thursday, 1 December 2016

The Post-NaNo Wrap Up

Over a week since my last post? Must have been the end of November! I finished NaNaWriMo with two days to spare, which I'm very proud of. It was an easy one for the first time ever. I absolutely adore my WIP which I haven't felt in ages! It'll need a lot of work to get it into shape but I have something good to work with, I'm sure. After the tough slog that was 3,000 Miles of Arizona, this one was a breeze.

I'm already missing it. I knew when I was nearing the end, that I would do. In the last couple of days I thought 'No, I'll be happy to get it done' but that isn't true anymore. That's for the best though, since I'm planning both a sequel and a companion novel. There was a character who was mentioned a lot but wasn't actually in the story that I think deserves her own.

And I've never actually written a sequel, so I hope the whole idea does carry over well. Of course, a good sequel can be hard to come by, so there's a lot of pressure coming from...myself. I can't wait to get this one ready and release it into the world, but at least this time I should have the patience to take a break from it while I work on the sequel.

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