Sunday, 5 February 2017

Exciting times

There's exciting times on two counts right now. First, I was looking at some of my old short stories lately, and although they aren't my best, it still seemed a shame that they weren't doing anything. I've heard a lot about Wattpad, and read some stories on there in the past, so I finally set up an account. I've added three stories so far, you can find them here, and I'll be adding to that slowly. It seems like a really nice community, and such a great free resource.

The second, and most exciting thing: Out of Control 2: Sylvie's Revenge will be released on Friday! It's weird because it has taken longer than I wanted it to, I started work on it right after the first one, but then because of a few others things I didn't actually come back to it until recently. Once I got back into it, it didn't take long to finish. Now I can't wait for this one to come out! It's the first sequel I've ever written, which made it pretty scary. It's also my first pre-order, usually I just randomly send books out into the world. This feels a lot more professional and hopefully, helps build it's awareness too. 

I also changed the cover of the first Out of Control. Once I really settled on the direction of the sequel, (and the idea for the next one) I realised the cover it had didn't fit very well. I feel like this update is much better suited, especially with the focus more on the central romance between Evelyn and Grace. I never thought I'd enjoy writing romance so much. If you haven't read the first one, give Out of Control a try! If you have, I hope you're looking forward to reading the sequel!

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