Sunday, 9 April 2017

The Day Zero Project

I first discovered the Day Zero Project through the forums. There's a sub-forum called Big Fun Scary where people post their goals and lists for the year or more. Obviously there's a lot of writing goals but there's also the more traditional 'scary' kind with things like sky diving and weight loss.

Basically the idea behind Day Zero is to collect together all of the things you want to do, that you haven't got around to for whatever reason, and really prompt you to do them. You choose 101 things you want to do, and you have 1001 days to complete them. It's a good starting point and also a great way to track what you're doing.

I created my first list while I was in university. I was lost, depressed, and it gave me a huge boost. It was something to aim for, or 101 things to aim for.

I'm now on my 3rd list, and I've learned that 1001 days is a long time! It's ok for the list to evolve over that time. Sometimes you realise that there's something you don't actually want to achieve that much after all. My first list contained 'ride a horse', which is arguably not that difficult to make happen, but I never did. I'd just visited some horses and it seemed like a good idea.

Over time I've also learned what I want to commit my time to. Most of my goals are now writing related. As much as sometimes I, like everyone, think I should learn to play an instrument or speak another language, it's always followed by the thought 'but then I'd have less time to write'. It really is all I want to do. And while I still love it, and am naive enough to think I'll be able to write full-time someday, I'm ok with that.

So although the idea behind my first list was just to get me started on a variety of things (I also never learned to juggle), it's nice to stick with it, and always have an evolving list to check my achievements off.

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