Sunday, 28 May 2017

Why do you write?

Someone asked me recently, someone who doesn't write and was curious, why I write. It sounds like it should be a simple question, right? I opened my mouth and realised I didn't have anything to say. I've always written, I don't remember a time before writing. I remember starting my first 'novel' when I was eight. I wish I still had it because no doubt it would be hilarious to read now! All the main characters were named after members of B*Witched, their ages changed wildly throughout the story, and it was basically a bunch of random ideas roughly stitched together. I spent most of a year working on it. Funnily enough, none of that story has made its way into any of my current work.

It started earlier than that though. Back in early primary school, when I was 5/6, I used to draw these storyboard type picture stories. I don't remember anything about what those stories were about but I think I used to draw the same story over and over just for fun. It was probably stuff based on things I'd seen on TV.

No matter what else I've been doing in my life, I've always been writing in some form. I had a bunch of false start novels before I finally wrote Ways To Fall Apart and now realise that they are definitely a part of the writing life, there will always be false starts.

So, I write because I can't help it. I love it, it makes me feel good. I can't imagine not writing. As for the subjects I write about, I write what I do because it's close to my heart and it's the only way I feel capable of helping in the way I want to. I say it all the time, there aren't enough books/films that contain self-harm, depression, LGBT issues, especially without them taking place of a real plot. No matter what kind of story I'm writing, some of those are guaranteed to be in there. Even when I wrote a horror story last year that was very different from my usual writing, my MC was a lesbian ex-self-harmer.

I feel like this is something that a lot of writers might have a different response to, so why do you write?

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