Friday, 30 June 2017

Casual Conversation

A couple of days ago I went shopping with my wife and one of our friends. I don't know whether I was listening out more to the people around us or whether it was just bad luck, but I heard a lot more negative casual comments about mental illness while we were walking around. I think maybe because I heard something that bugged me early on, I just tuned in more throughout the day. I kind of wish I hadn't.

1. While I was paying for something, the two people working there were talking about how messy their staff area was. One of them said laugh 'I just have to tidy it' more laughter 'It's my OCD' laugh laugh. 

2. Next I heard two guys talking about a video game that one of them would have made had he not quit the course. He described the main character as 'well he's a bit weird, I mean, he has mental issues'. The other guy responded like that was a specific character personality description. He then continued with how 'weird' it all would have been.

3. This one was short and sweet. Two girls were talking, one of them was talking about an annoying girl she knows, the other said 'Ugh, people like that make me want to kill myself'.

I'm pretty sure I'm preaching to the choir here, but this is the kind of stuff that just makes it so hard. These types of comments fuel the misconceptions and mean that we have so much more explaining to do when we need to talk about our stuff. I wish people could hear themselves the way some of us hear it.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

In which I've become the kind of person who cries at things on TV

All my life, my Mum has been one of those people who cries at everything on TV. I'm talking about 'normal' stuff like weddings, births, and the less traditional, like adverts. Those old BT ads with Chris Marshall and family got her every time.

My Dad and I had always gently teased her about this, and she takes the piss out of herself too. I never got it, I'd watch these things dry-eyed. Some stuff does get me. When I watch The Middle it's a 50/50 chance I'll cry at the end of the episode. (It's mostly the warm and fuzzies when it's about Brick's 'quirkiness' or Mike actually talking about his feelings.)

Now, at almost 29, I think I get it. Throughout the big Grey's Anatomy rewatch my wife and I are having right now (currently Season 7) I've cried a couple of times about Callie and Arizona. Last night we finished the latest Season of Orange is the New Black. (SPOILERS AHEAD! IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED IT ALL YET, TURN BACK NOW!) When Piper proposed I suddenly said, "That's weird, why are my eyes so itchy?" Not that my wife fell for it for a second.

It was last night that really got me thinking, and not just because I was mocked the way I used to do the mocking. I am totally the kind of person who cries about lovely things on the TV, it just needs to be people I can actually relate to. If my Mum cries about almost anything on TV, that's because straight people are 99% of what's on TV. I'm only now realising I'm one of those people because the representation of WLW has never been so good.