YA Novels

 Ways To Fall Apart

Nancy's known for a while that her little sister has been drifting away from her. Then she finds her unconscious after an overdose. No one knows why Sidney tried to kill herself. While the family seems to go to pieces, her older sister Nancy tries to keep everyone together, to understand, and not to fall apart herself.

3,000 Miles of Arizona

Arizona is frustrated. She's fed up of the adults around her constantly telling her what she needs to do to plan her future. She already knows what she wants to do, but it's obvious her past is causing everyone else to doubt her. In desperate need of a break from her life, Arizona sends out an anonymous message asking if anyone else needs a break too. A total stranger who's also having a bad day, Josie, jumps at the chance. Together they set off on an unexpected journey, in which they get to know each other even better than they could have expected.

These Endless Days

Fifteen-year-old Mia is struggling enough with the bullying she endures every day at school, without anything else bringing her down, but she quickly finds life doesn't stop there. Between family drama and her best friend's manipulative boyfriend, every day is harder to get through than the last. One bright spark in all the trouble is Evangeline, who may live 5,000 miles away, but she may make all the difference, especially when things get so much worse than Mia could have imagined. 

10% of all profits go to Rethink Mental Illness.

Out of Control Series

Out of Control 1 

Evelyn has been having a rough time. She had a perfectly normal, happy life until an argument showed her true self. Her family moved from their familiar small town to a big city that she just can't get used to. So when a lesbian biker gang passes through and one of them catches her eye, Evelyn can't help but tag along.

Out of Control 2: Sylvie's Revenge

Picking up some time after the explosive events of Out of Control, Evelyn and Grace have moved away to a small beach town together. It hasn't been easy to adjust to their new, quiet life, but they're making the most of it. Evelyn struggles with the guilt of ending Sylvie's life, while Grace does her best to convince her there was no other choice. It only gets worse when Evelyn begins to see Sylvie around town. Is she real or is it the guilt messing with Evelyn's head? The only way to find out is a motorcycle trip to find out how the rest of the old gang is doing.

Novellas and Short Stories

Away From You
Throughout her teenage years, Evan had become more and more jaded about life in her Magical home-town of Coyneston Rock. It upset her family, her neighbors and lost her her best friend when she moved away for college and abandoned her Magical life. So when college is over and her money is running out, she has little choice but to take a job back home and move in with her sister's family. She resents going home, especially right before Halloween, the biggest holiday celebrated by the town. It seems to be all anyone can talk about but it symbolizes everything Evan ran away from. She soon finds there have been some changes while she's been gone. One thing she quickly discovers haven't changed, are her feelings for the friend she left behind, Delilah. Although she thought being back in Coyneston Rock would be the worst thing that ever happened to her, it isn't long before Evan begins to question the choices she made, and wonder if she might be able to win Delilah over after all.

Death at a Circus: A Short Love Story

 Zara has never known anything but her circus life. She doesn't consider life outside until she falls in love with Leila. The only problem is Leila's trapeze partner, Ryan - he'll do anything to stop them being together.

They Scream, For Ice Cream 

A short, light-hearted take on the zombie genre. A quiet evening selling ice cream at the beach turns into a nightmare when most of the tourists decide they need an ice cream fix-fast.

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